The Jewel of the Seas

I just returned from a trip of a lifetime. With over 600 others, I toured parts of Italy, Sicily, Malta and Greece studying the Apostle Paul and his missionary journeys.  Two friends went with me, Cathy and Diane.  Cathy was my cabin mate.

On our first morning at sea, I left early for breakfast. When I returned, Cathy met me at the door of our cabin with a terrified look on her face.  While taking a picture from the balcony, she dropped her cell phone into the swiftly moving water.  She said it felt like Poseidon or someone else came up from the water and grabbed it from her hands.  She shrieked and the neighbors on the next balcony came running.

Can you imagine that moment? I immediately envisioned a final scene from the movie, “Titanic” when the older Rose tossed her blue sapphire necklace known as, “the heart of the ocean” into the sea. Do you remember the sound she made?  It wasn’t a scream. It was an “eh”, as if she was finally letting go of something that didn’t have the value she once thought.

Cathy began to rationalize.  Without her cell phone, she would have to experience the trip without trying to capture it.  That turned out to be profound. As I was constantly looking for the perfect shot, Cathy was taking it all in. She was listening. She was thinking. She was reflecting.

Sure, I got some great pictures.  I will have them for years to come.  Of course I will share them.  I just think there was a hidden lesson as Cathy accidentally relinquished her attachment to her phone at the beginning of our trip.  Maybe like the blue sapphire necklace, her Samsung became another “jewel of the seas”.  Ironically, that WAS the name of our cruise ship.

Cathy’s experience leads me to wonder what other jewels we might need to relinquish in order to truly appreciate the majesty of the moment.  For some of us, that jewel might be an addiction of some sort, the desire to win approval, the need to stay plugged in or the need to be right. Needless to say, we all have our jewels.  I have a number of them.  To be honest, I daily struggle to loosen my grip.  What are yours?

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