My name is Mebane McMahon and I am a storyteller.  I am a preacher/pastor who interprets life through faith, humor and gratitude.  Instead of using the format of 3 points and a poem, I prefer to share stories about what I’m learning from the grit and grind of daily living.

Through this blog, I will try not to be preachy.  I’m not out to win any converts to my way of thinking. But, if you feel like saying, “bless your heart, Amen or Oy vey,” then maybe we’ve made a connection.

Now you may be wondering about the title of this website.  Do you remember Flo from the TV sitcom, “Alice?”   Think back to the late 1970’s if you can.  If not, google it. When Flo got angry or frustrated, she would say, “Well you can kiss my grits.”  It was her way of saying, “get lost” or “drop dead”.  If she were British, she might have said, “kiss my arse.”  Of course, she also used that expression as a substitute for OMG.

In this blog, grits are not a volcanic mound of corn mush and butter. Nor are grits my backside.  For me, grits are the trials and trails from which we have been formed. Grits are the relationships  that have ruptured. They are the paths on which we have travelled, maybe even gotten lost.  They are the dreams that have lived and died.

I’m not asking you to kiss anything, especially not my grits.  I am however, suggesting that we have a choice in how we respond to the challenges we face.  Personally, I choose gratitude.  I choose to reflect on my grits, embracing the things I  have learned, the people I have met and the treasures I have picked up along the way.  Hence, I m calling this website, “gratefulgrits.”

Some of the included posts will be personal and head-scratching.  You may be tempted to blush and shout, “TMI!”  Some of the posts will be educational and informative.  All of it will be grits that keep me learning, praying and thanking.